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The Secret Meaning of Commerce: Why You Need to Learn How to Participate in Commerce in a Responsible Manner

| April 17, 2019

(Private Article) The word commerce is a very important word to innerstand. Learning what this word means on a deeper and spiritual level can give you the knowledge to participate in commerce with less risk to your wealth, financial health, and freedom. When you do not innerstand commerce, you are vulnerable to being controlled and abused by corporations.

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The Secret Meaning of Bible: Did You Know Congress Declared the Bible “the Word of God”?

| March 23, 2019

(Private Article) The Bible is one of the bestselling books of the 21st century. Hidden in this religious book is very empowering knowledge about the secrets of the universe and life. It is also full of enlightening knowledge about freedom, sovereignty, and God’s Law. In fact, the word Torah etymologically and literally means “instruction, law.” The Torah (Old Testament) is sometimes referred to as the Pentateuch which is the first five books of the Hebrew scriptures.

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The Truth and Secrets of the Universe Are Hidden in Words (Article/Video)

| March 8, 2019

(Public Article) The secrets of the universe are hidden in words; they are also hidden in parables and myths. Therefore, to access its secrets, you need to know how to decipher words, parables, and myths. This video will teach you how to decipher certain words and show you evidence that the truth and secrets of the universe (uni-verse) are hidden in words. When you learn how to decipher words, you can access the knowledge of God. To access His divine knowledge, you need the power of the Word, also known as Jesus or Logos. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”

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The Power of Words and Why Words Can Manifest Life (Article/Video)

| February 24, 2019

(Public Article) To innerstand how powerful words are, we need to know what the term word means on an esoteric and spiritual level. Before we explore its esoteric and spiritual meaning, it is important that we study its common definitions and investigate other words related to it.

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The Esoteric and Secret Meaning of Baptism: Can External Baptism Save You from Original Sin?

| February 8, 2019

(Private Article) The word baptism is a very important word to investigate because knowing what it means on a esoteric and spiritual level will make it easier for you to achieve salvation. If you are a Christian, it would be wise for you to read this article thoroughly. Even if you are not a Christian, the content in this article will teach you some very important information concerning the process of salvation and spiritual freedom.

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The Occult Meaning of English: Is English the Language of Angels?

| January 23, 2019

(Private Article) The word English is a very interesting word because hidden inside it are many secrets of the universe. When you decipher the word English deeply enough, you will eventually know that the English language is a work of God. To find evidence of this, we need to use certain dictionaries, the Bible and the art of word magic to help us decipher the word English.

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The Power of Words and Symbols: Why Words Can Program DNA and Change Your Perception of Reality

| January 7, 2019

(Private Article) Some people believe that words and symbols rule the world. Is there some truth to this belief? Words and symbols by themselves have little power; however, when they are given attention and allowed to interact with the mind, they have the power to stimulate ideas and reprogram the mind. Because of this, words and symbols can be used to control your mind and change your perception of reality.

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Jesus Christ and the Esoteric Meaning of Christmas and Santa Claus

| December 23, 2018

(Private Article) One of the greatest stories ever told involves a character called Jesus Christ. Some people claim that Jesus Christ is just a man or prophet, while others claim that he is the Son of God and savior of mankind. This article is not about proving that Jesus Christ is just a man or the Son of God and savior of mankind; instead, it is about proving that there is a deep and strong connection between Jesus Christ, Christmas and Santa Claus. To prove this connection between Jesus Christ, Christmas and Santa Claus, we need to rely on the power of word magic to help us to decipher certain important words.

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The Occult Meaning of Money: Is Money the Root of All Evil?

| November 30, 2018

(Private Article) What is money? When asked this question, most people often imagine money as paper money, coin or some sort of medium of exchange. This view of money is not totally wrong but prevents people from innerstanding what money is on a spiritual level. Before I tell you what money is on a deeper level, we need to meticulously investigate the word money. By investigating the word money in a thorough manner, we will acquire certain important information, allowing us to innerstand what money is on a spiritual level. We will start the investigation by reading and studying the several definitions of money.

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The Secret Meaning of Petition and Why It Is Not Wise to Create and Sign a Petition

| November 14, 2018

(Private Article) Many people think that a petition is an effective way to create change and make a difference. Petitions can create change but the change is often not empowering to the soul and spirit. This is especially true in a society where the government and most of the people are irresponsible. What most people do not know about petitions is that they can be used to prevent them from achieving freedom and sovereignty. To learn how petitions can be used to diminish people’s freedom, we need to investigate the word petition and decipher its several definitions.

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