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EsotericKnowledge.me is a private space for living men and women to learn about esoteric knowledge, genuine spirituality, word magic, legalese, freedom, sovereignty, occult (hidden) knowledge, and Natural Law. If you do not know what word magic is, it is "the art of communication using sacred sounds and symbols to direct and control energy to produce certain desired effects".

Word magic is one of the most effective tools to use for achieving desires, empowering the mind, or programming the subconscious mind. Because of its power, it is heavily used by religions, corporations, courts, and governments. Through EsotericKnowledge.me, you will learn how to use the power of words to empower your mind. In addition, you will learn how religions, corporations, courts, and governments use word magic to trick you to surrender your natural rights to them, allowing them to have jurisdiction over your body, mind, and soul.

The articles published on EsotericKnowledge.me focus greatly on the esoteric and occult (hidden) powers, meanings, and definitions of words. The reason for this is that the intentions of words are hidden in their meanings and definitions. In addition, most words have empowering knowledge hidden within their layers of definitions. Furthermore, we rely strongly on words to communicate, and therefore words play a very important role in creating our reality and shaping our culture.

When you learn how to decipher words and access the hidden knowledge within them, you will discover a hidden reality that can show you the secrets of the Universe and the hidden history of mankind. If you have read my Amazon best seller book Word Magic: The Powers and Occult Definitions of Words, you should know what I am talking about.

EsotericKnowledge.me also focuses greatly on legalese and Natural Law because innerstanding these two subjects is essential for achieving sovereignty and freedom. To innerstand legalese and Natural Law at a very deep level, you need to explore the world of esoteric and occult knowledge. Because of this, many of the articles published on EsotericKnowledge.me have empowering knowledge related to esoteric and occult subjects.

The Importance of Empowering Knowledge

Knowledge is one of the main "foods" for the soul. Another main food for the soul is experience. Like food, knowledge can be used to harm or heal your soul, spirit, and mind. Because of this, if you want to be healed at the deepest level of your being, you need to seek empowering knowledge instead of disempowering knowledge.

Empowering knowledge is easy to detect when you innerstand that empowering knowledge is about teaching you how to be responsible, sovereign, and brave. Furthermore, it teaches you how to strengthen your spiritual powers. On the hand, disempowering knowledge teaches you how to be a cowardly slave and a worshiper of the external savior program. In addition, it teaches you how to be irresponsible, so you will always rely on the government to babysit you.

Knowledge alone is not very powerful because it only has potential power. However, when knowledge is experienced into wisdom, it becomes very powerful and can be used to expand your consciousness and spiritual powers. This is why applied knowledge is power!

A Message from the Author

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Greetings independent thinkers, spiritual truth seekers, and freedom lovers! I am Pao, the living man who is spiritual and has natural rights. One of the reasons that I created EsotericKnowledge.me is so that I can conveniently share empowering and enlightening knowledge with you. Another reason is to teach you how to achieve spiritual freedom.

To free yourself from the Earth Matrix Drama, you need to prove that you are responsible and not afraid of the darkness and the light. This can be achieved with the right knowledge. The fact that you are reading this message is evidence that you are brave enough to accept the invitation to come to Earth. The system of Earth is one of the hardest "schools" to graduate from, because its energy of polarity is heavily out of balance. Earth is also a magic stage for you to explore the infinite possibility and expression of energy, so you can learn how to be an artistic and responsible creator.

Are you ready to tumble down the rabbit hole to explore EsotericKnowledge.me, a private space full of empowering knowledge related to Natural Law, word magic, legalese, freedom, sovereignty, and esoteric and occult (hidden) knowledge? If your answer is yes, then become a member now, so you can learn how to exercise your spiritual powers and achieve spiritual freedom.