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Staradigm (Third Edition): A Blueprint for Spiritual Growth, Happiness, Success and Well-Being

| May 4, 2018

(Public Article) Do you feel that there is more to life than what you are being told? Do you sense that you are here for a higher purpose? Do you feel that there is something wrong with the world, but have a hard time finding the answers? Do you want to know some of the answers to world peace, life, happiness and freedom? Do you ask yourself these questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What is true love? Does God exist? If you answer “yes” to at least one of these questions, the third edition of Staradigm: A Blueprint for Spiritual Growth, Happiness, Success and Well-Being (written by Pao Chang, author of will enlighten your mind with empowering knowledge that has the power to guide you to find answers to some of life’s most important questions.

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The Dirty Secrets of Debt Collectors: A Step-by-Step Handbook on How to Stop Debt Collectors from Harassing You and Taking You to Court

| April 15, 2018

(Public Article) The Dirty Secrets of Debt Collectors is a step-by-step handbook, written by Pao Chang, the author of, that teaches you certain secrets of the debt industry that debt collectors and banks do not want you to know. This handbook is less than 30 pages because it is designed to quickly teach you how to write and use writs to stop debt collectors from harassing you with phone calls and letters. The writ templates in this handbook contain very powerful words that have the power to nullify all complaints from debt collectors, stopping them from calling you at home and work.

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Word Magic and Its Connection to Freedom, Christmas and Immortality

| March 30, 2018

(Public Article) Word magic is the art of using word play, definition and magic (magick) to transfer or hide information. All words have magic power because they were created based on sacred sound and sacred geometry, allowing them to direct and control energy to produce certain desired effects. Is this hard for you to believe? Remember when your mother and father used to tell you to “stop cursing” when you screamed swear words at people? Unfortunately, your parents most likely did not know the occult meaning behind the term “stop cursing”. To “curse” at people is to cast “spells” on them. Why do you think the act of writing words is called SPELLing?

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Why You Are a King and How the Vatican Tricks You to Surrender Your Crown

| February 22, 2018

(Public Article) Every man (mankind individually) was born with natural rights and the power to sovereignly choose to be a king. Sadly, the so-called leaders of mankind lack motivation to support an education system that teaches people how to exercise their natural rights and think, act and be sovereign. One of the reasons that they do not like to support that kind of education system is because when people know how to exercise their natural rights and be sovereign, they rely less on their leaders to act and make decisions for them. In other words, when people become really responsible and knowledgeable they do not need leaders to represent them, which in turn cause their leaders to lose the power to rule over them.

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How You Were Tricked to Live in the Land of the Legally Dead

| January 12, 2018

(Public Article) The current reality of man is heavily controlled by words. As a result of that, words play a big role in shaping the reality and culture of man. Besides shaping the reality and culture of man, words also play an important role in trade. Some of the most important words used in the business of trading goods and services are related to the name. Your name plays a very important role in your life because it allows others to identify you and communicate with you. Furthermore, it allows you to operate in the realm of commerce and fiction, making it easier for you to trade goods and services with people not living close to you.

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Be Wary of Words! Their Spells and Appearances Can Control Your Thoughts

| October 30, 2017

(Public Article) Words, words, words, are what people see every day, but I do not see words like most people. What I see are worlds, worlds, worlds, and spells, spells, spells. Today, we live in a world dominated by words, which are magic spells that can be used to hypnotize the minds of people. All words have magic properties because they were created based on occult knowledge. To be more specific, they were designed based on sacred geometry and sacred sound. Furthermore, many of them were charged with magic intention. What the education system does not tell you about letters is that they are actually sigils containing the fundamental semantic code for transmission of thought. This is why words, which are made up of letters, are so effective for stimulating the human mind and transmitting information. Certain advertising companies are well aware that words are very effective tools for stimulating the mind, which is why their ad campaigns often have a lot of words in them.

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Freedom Is Not FREE! Why I Require People to Donate to Become Members

| October 1, 2017

(Public Article) Some people have emailed me about why I require people to donate to access my private articles, which are heavily focused on Natural Law, natural rights, genuine spirituality, esoteric knowledge, word magic, the legal system and spiritual freedom. For some reason, some of them are angry at me for doing this. A certain percentage of them are angry because they believe that knowledge of freedom should be given to people for free. I do agree that knowledge of freedom should be given to people for free, but when over 95 percent of the people of industrialized countries are spending money on material things and services that they do not need and not spending it on knowledge of freedom, it makes me wonder if those people actually care about freedom.

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The Power of Natural Law: Why It Can Nullify & Eliminate All Debts

| September 21, 2017

(Public Article) Debt is a subject that many of us do not like to talk about, because it is often stressful to think about how much debt we have. Today, we live in a world where debt has become such a big problem that it is impossible for the current generation to pay it off. The good news is that there are effective methods to nullify debt. One of them involves the power of Natural Law. This method is one of the most effective and powerful methods, but is not commonly used due to the fact that most people do not “innerstand” how to exercise the power of Natural Law.

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Why Words Can “Cut” Your Soul and Are More Powerful Than Swords

| September 2, 2017 | Reply

(Public Article) For millennia, tyrannical governments controlled by the Elite or Dark Magicians have used swords and other physical weapons to enslave people. What the Dark Magicians have known for a long time is that physical weapons (e.g., swords and guns) are not the best tools to use for controlling and enslaving people. The reason is that when their agents use physical weapons to enslave people, it makes it hard for them to hide the fact that they are forcing people to be slaves.

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The Occult Meaning of Mortgage: Why a Mortgage Is a Pledge to the Dead

| July 6, 2017

(Public Article) Owning a nice home is a dream that most people have. Deep down, nearly everyone wants to live in a nice home. One of the main obstacles that prevents most people from owning a home of their dream is the high cost. Depending where people live today, a regular house can cost a few hundred thousand dollars. Because houses are so expensive, most people need to get a specific type of loan from a bank to pay for the house they want to live in. This type of loan is called a mortgage. What most people do not know about a mortgage is that it is designed to enslave them with fictitious debt, allowing the banksters to collect money from them and give it to their masters (the Dark Magicians). The main purpose of this deception is to trick people to give some of their life force energy to the Dark Magicians through the magical medium called paper currency.

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