Freedom Is Not FREE! Why I Require People to Donate to Become Members

| October 1, 2017

By Pao Chang, author of

Some people have emailed me about why I require people to donate to access my private articles, which are heavily focused on Natural Law, natural rights, genuine spirituality, esoteric knowledge, word magic, the legal system and spiritual freedom. For some reason, some of them are angry at me for doing this. A certain percentage of them are angry because they believe that knowledge of freedom should be given to people for free.

I do agree that knowledge of freedom should be given to people for free, but when over 95 percent of the people of industrialized countries are spending money on material things and services that they do not need and not spending it on knowledge of freedom, it makes me wonder if those people actually care about freedom. Because of this, I make it a requirement to donate me money to read my private articles. Instead of being angry at me, people should consider the donation requirement as a lesson to teach them to appreciate freedom more than material things. Furthermore, a lot of the knowledge that I teach on is not for irresponsible and spiritually immature people so it is not wise to make it available to the public for free.

Since Fall 2007 to Spring 2017 (nearly 10 years), all my articles published on the Internet were available to read for free, even my seminars were free to attend. During that time, on average, I was living under 25,000 dollars a year in the city or suburb. It was not easy living under 25,000 dollars a year, but I did not complain and just kept writing informative articles to empower people. I could have said, "screw this, let these people suffer, so they learn their lessons" and traveled to the Himalayas to live with the Himalayan monks, allowing me to live a life free of money and spiritually immature people. This path is not an option anymore because I have a family to support now. As a result of that, I can not live under 25,000 dollars and continue doing my work.

Why Freedom Is Not FREE on Earth

The reason that freedom is not free on Earth is because it requires time and energy to achieve freedom. What most people do not know about money is that it represents the physical manifestation of their time and energy. As a result of that, at the current state of human evolution, it takes money (time and energy) to achieve freedom. To be more specific, today people need to be physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially stable to achieve freedom on Earth.

People who think that freedom is free have little or no concept of the current reality of Earth and what money is. Money is the magic medium used for transferring people's time and energy. This is why money is also known as currency. As described in my book titled Word Magic: The Powers & Occult Definitions of Words:

As for the word currency, its hidden definition is the “flow of energy”. This is why the stored energy in a battery is called electric current or the currency of electricity. The word currency originated from the Latin word currens, the present participle of currere, which means “to run”. Now, why would they based the word currency on a Latin word that does not have much to do with paper money or coin? Because it is not really about the paper money or coin. Instead, it is about harnessing the energy of humanity!

To innerstand why currency has a strong connection to energy, you need to find the occult meanings of the word currency. To do this, you need to use phonetics and separate the word currency into two words. When spoken out loud, the word currency sounds similar to the term “current-sea”. What does a current do in a river? It flows or runs to the sea! Keep in mind that the Latin word currens means “to run”.

The word current means “a flowing; flow, as of a river” or “something that flows, as a stream”. The flowing movement of currents is what causes the freshwater in the river to flow to the sea. Once the freshwater is in the sea, its currents are now part of the “current-sea” or the “current of the sea”. Hence, the word currency/current-sea. ...

The word currency also sounds similar to the term “current chi”. In Chinese, the word chi (also known as qi) means natural energy, “life force”, or “energy flow”. Be aware that the Chinese word chi is pronounced somewhat similar to the English word sea. Based on these occult definitions, currency means the “flow of life force energy”. When you really think about it, currency is a medium for exchanging or transferring life force energy, which is why the Dark Forces are obsessed with using currency to drain your life force energy.

Why My Private Articles Are Not Free

Today, we live in a society that relies so much on money/currency to trade goods and services, that if money/currency were to disappear tomorrow, most people would panic and run around like they are being chased by hundreds of angry hornets. If people can not live without money in the city or suburb, they should not be angry at me for requiring them to donate money before they can access my private articles.

If people want free access to my private articles, they must make a promise to me that they will live without any form of money for the rest of their lives, and prove to me that they have been living without any form of money for over a year. Once they do these two things, I will be more than happy to give them free access to my private articles.

Some people that I do not mind giving free access to my private articles are certain monks. Some monks have been living without money since they were children. Their commitment to living in harmony with nature and without money is an inspiration to me and proves that they are taking action to create a world without money. Because of this, I have no problem giving them free access to my private articles. Do you have the will to live without any form of money like these monks? If your answer is no, do not expect me to give you free access to my private articles. I do this to teach you certain important lessons in life so you can learn how to be more responsible and manage your money (time and energy) wisely.

Because money represents the physical manifestation of people's time and energy, when people say that they do not want to donate me money to become members because they deserve to read my private articles for free, they are basically telling me that they do not want to invest their time and energy in me. In other words, they expect me to do all the hard work so they can reap the benefits. Furthermore, they are basically saying that my time is not worth their time. This is an insult. Why would I want to teach a bunch of irresponsible people who do not even respect my time and energy? Do people not "innerstand" that it costs me money (time and energy) to do my work and manage my website?

All I am asking is 9 dollars of people's time and energy each month. If that angers or offends them, they are NOT WELCOME to my website. I am giving notice to these people who are angry at me to stop visiting my website and not come back until they innerstand why freedom on Earth is not free. I do not need to be surrounded by irresponsible people who think they are entitled to get things for free, just like babies.

If people can not afford 9 dollars a month, they are most likely not ready to go down the path of freedom and sovereignty. Why is that? Because going down this path is not FREE and will cost people a lot more than 9 dollars a month. To be more specific, it will most likely cost them a few thousand dollars or more. For example, in the USA, just sending a letter to the U.S. government to correct a person's status using registered mail of the United States Postal Service (USPS) already costs more than 9 dollars.

What people need to innerstand is that the combination of my time and energy is worth more than 9 dollars a month. In my opinion, it is worth trillions of dollars an hour. In other words, it is priceless. However, because I am a reasonable man, I am willing to temporary decrease it to 9 dollars a month so people can afford the membership donation. Because of this, people should be happy instead of being angry at me.

The 9 dollar donation requirement is not going to last forever. In fact, next year (2018) I am planning to increase the donation to at least 12 dollars a month. Do not be surprised if it increases to 25 dollars a month by the end of 2018. If you are a current member or became a member before the donation increase, you do not have to worry about it unless you cancel your membership and go through the membership process again.

Another reason that I require people to donate to access my private articles is to filter out most disinformation agents and people who do not want to manage their money (time and energy) wisely. It is also to filter out most people who are not serious about freedom and sovereignty. Most people think that they are ready to walk on the path of freedom, but when it comes down to taking action they will not be able to do it because they lack courage and responsibility.

To the people who have donated, thank you for your support and for valuing my time and energy. Your support makes it possible for me to invest most of my work time into researching and studying empowering knowledge, so I can share that knowledge with you and teach you how to achieve freedom and sovereignty.

The Path of True Freedom Is Not for Cowardly and Spiritually Immature Souls

The path of true freedom on Earth is one of the hardest paths people will ever walk on. It is not for the weak-willed, cowardly and spiritually immature souls. It is also not for people who do not want to invest their money (time and energy) to learn about freedom and sovereignty and how to defend their natural rights.

What you need to know about true freedom is that it is deeply intertwined with responsibility. In other words, you can not achieve true freedom without responsibility. If you want to be truly free, you must take full responsibility for all your choices and actions. Most people are not ready to do this because they want the government to take care of them, just like how babies want their parents to take care of them.

Some people have emailed me that they are uncomfortable with the idea of using debt-based currency to donate. If you do not like to use debt-based currency to donate, learn how to use lawful money so you do not create new debts when you cash your checks. Like most things on Earth, when money is used honorably and in harmony with nature, it can benefit humanity until people become responsible enough to live without government and money.

More Empowering Esoteric Knowledge Next Year (2018)

I have been studying some very important esoteric knowledge about genuine spirituality, word magic, Natural Law, man's law, legalese, freedom and sovereignty. This knowledge is the type of knowledge that will help you connect the dots, allowing you to innerstand what is really happening behind the scene of the world. It will also show you how to free your body, mind and soul from the artificial matrix, which is the artificial reality created by the Dark Forces to imprison your mind, body and soul.

The knowledge of freedom that I am planning to teach you next year is so empowering and powerful that when it is used wisely to defend your natural rights, it will make most judges run away from you like scared little kids. Most of the knowledge related to genuine spirituality, word magic, Natural Law, man's law, freedom, sovereignty and esoteric knowledge published on this website will only be available to members. If you are not a member, take action now to become a member so you do not have to worry about the donation increase.

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