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The Occult Meaning of Israel: Why Israel Represents the Holy Trinity

| July 9, 2018

(Private Article) Israel is a word or name that is occulted with much secret knowledge. There are so many important parables and riddles hidden within it that it will take months or even years to decipher them. To keep this article from being too long, I will concentrate on deciphering certain parables and riddles in the word Israel and explain how they relate to you and the Holy Trinity.

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The Esoteric Meaning of Hippocampus: Why This Brain Structure Holds One of the Keys to Spiritual Freedom

| June 23, 2018

(Private Article) Many people know that the hippocampus is a horn-like or seahorse-like structure of the limbic system and is located within the brain’s temporal lobe, but did you know that the hippocampus has a strong connection to the “great city” in the Book of Revelation? This city is also known as the “holy Jerusalem”. Many people like to call the great city/holy Jerusalem as the “city of light” because it emits so much light that the light causes the city to shine with brilliant, multi-colored lights. The hippocampus also has a strong connection to Pegasus, the white horse with wings that represents spiritual freedom.

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The Secret Meaning of Vote and How to Revoke Your Voter Registration

| June 9, 2018

(Private Article) If you want to innerstand how the flesh and blood minions of the false gods can force you to obey their so-called laws, you need to know what the word vote secretly means. This word contains only four letters, but is full of shocking secrets that can boggle your mind. After reading this article, you will know why sovereigns do not vote and how the voting system is used to drain your life force energy. Furthermore, you will know how to revoke your voter registration.

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Why Words are the Most Powerful Weapons for Protecting You from the False Gods

| May 26, 2018

(Private Article) A false belief that many people have is the belief that subtle and small things are weak and have little power to change anything. Because of this, when they compare themselves to the world and the Universe, they believe that they are too small to change anything. This false belief is ingrained so deeply in their minds that it prevents them from seeing how powerful words are. At the surface, words may not look powerful, but beneath the surface they are full of energy that has the magic power to change reality and create worlds.

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The Secret Meaning of Identity and Why Your Identification (I.D.) Represents a Persona

| May 12, 2018

(Private Article) The word identity is a very important word to innerstand because it plays a very important role in your life, especially if you live in or near a city and rely heavily on the government. If you have a strong passion for freedom and sovereignty, you need to meticulously study the word identity because it contains knowledge that can prevent the government from having jurisdiction over you. Furthermore, learning what the word identity means on an esoteric level can help free your mind from the artificial matrix, which is an artificial reality created to prevent you from seeing the truth.

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Staradigm (Third Edition): A Blueprint for Spiritual Growth, Happiness, Success and Well-Being

| May 4, 2018

(Public Article) Do you feel that there is more to life than what you are being told? Do you sense that you are here for a higher purpose? Do you feel that there is something wrong with the world, but have a hard time finding the answers? Do you want to know some of the answers to world peace, life, happiness and freedom? Do you ask yourself these questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What is true love? Does God exist? If you answer “yes” to at least one of these questions, the third edition of Staradigm: A Blueprint for Spiritual Growth, Happiness, Success and Well-Being (written by Pao Chang, author of will enlighten your mind with empowering knowledge that has the power to guide you to find answers to some of life’s most important questions.

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The Zombie-Like Lives of Sheeple from Birth to Death and Why Sheeple are the Walking Dead

| April 21, 2018

(Private Article) Many people throughout the world are waking up to the fact that they have been acting and living like sheeple. This is mostly a good thing because it gives us more opportunities to change the world and make it a better place. However, even though they are waking up, they have little or no clue as to how deep they have fallen down the valley of the shadow of death, a valley full of self-serving thought-form entities that are waiting for them like hungry wolves. This article will show you proof that most people are acting and living like sheeple and are far from being really “awake”.

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The Dirty Secrets of Debt Collectors: A Step-by-Step Handbook on How to Stop Debt Collectors from Harassing You and Taking You to Court

| April 15, 2018

(Public Article) The Dirty Secrets of Debt Collectors is a step-by-step handbook, written by Pao Chang, the author of, that teaches you certain secrets of the debt industry that debt collectors and banks do not want you to know. This handbook is less than 30 pages because it is designed to quickly teach you how to write and use writs to stop debt collectors from harassing you with phone calls and letters. The writ templates in this handbook contain very powerful words that have the power to nullify all complaints from debt collectors, stopping them from calling you at home and work.

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The Occult Meaning of Spelling: Why the Art of Spelling is a Form of Magic

| April 7, 2018

(Private Article) The word spelling is a very interesting word to investigate because there are so many secrets hidden inside it. By just looking at its root word spell, we subconsciously and intuitively know that it has a strong connection to magic spells. Whenever a word has a strong connection to magic spells, it can be used to affect your mind without your knowledge. This will become obvious as you read the words in this article. To solve some of the mysteries of the word spelling, we need to investigate some of its origins and definitions. To be more specific, we need to investigate the origins and definitions of its root word spell. Knowing the origins and definitions of its root word will give us the foundation to see the connection between spelling and magic spells.

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Word Magic and Its Connection to Freedom, Christmas and Immortality

| March 30, 2018

(Public Article) Word magic is the art of using word play, definition and magic (magick) to transfer or hide information. All words have magic power because they were created based on sacred sound and sacred geometry, allowing them to direct and control energy to produce certain desired effects. Is this hard for you to believe? Remember when your mother and father used to tell you to “stop cursing” when you screamed swear words at people? Unfortunately, your parents most likely did not know the occult meaning behind the term “stop cursing”. To “curse” at people is to cast “spells” on them. Why do you think the act of writing words is called SPELLing?

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