1 Year Membership (EsotericKnowledge.me)

| April 29, 2019
1 Year Membership (EsotericKnowledge.me)

Get full access to all my empowering articles and most of my templates by paying 99.00 USD a year. Cancel at anytime! Join today and get a copy of my popular ebook (PDF) Word Magic: The Powers and Occult Definitions of Words, an Amazon best seller. This empowering ebook costs 10 USD for non-members, but if you join now you can get it for FREE. Please take notice that the payment for the first month is 19.95 USD and non-refundable.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All payments via the "Pay Now" button below are processed via Stripe. Please take notice that the option of paying via Stripe does not automatically renew. Furthermore, because of certain limitations of the Stripe payment plugin, I have to manually create a membership account for each new member. Because of this, after you make the payment, it may take 24 hours or longer before I can email you your login information. Manually managing and creating membership accounts take a lot of time, so this payment option is only available as a 1-year membership.

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